Podcast: #006: DABarts of The BadWabbitz

Podcast: #006: DABarts of The BadWabbitzv

A conversation with DABarts, the visionary artist behind the BadWabbitz who has transitioned his art from canvas to computer with his digital art. He has prided himself on the uniqueness and accessibility his art offers and focuses intently on the creative process and community building that comes with successful digital collections.
From his early days doing art on surfboards all the way to minting his first NFT, Daniel Bigay dives into his career and what art means to him. He is currently working on the Badwabbitz, a collection of custom 1/1 hand-drawn profile pictures. Currently, he is working on his next artistic venture set to drop in mid-December 2022. This is no ordinary release, as he has dedicated a venue in Puerto Rico for a launch party full of activities, food, a drive, and great people gathered to celebrate the launch of this special community. This episode takes a deep dive into Dan's journey from painting on canvas and surfboards to becoming a digital creator, and his experiences in the web3 world. Check out his story and collection below, and stay tuned for how his community takes shape in the future!