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✨The Ultimate Web3 Content Idea Starter List (100+ Ideas)✨

Web3 is an incredibly exciting space, and there’s no shortage of topics to learn about and discuss. And yet, just like any other creative or entrepreneurial job, it’s still possible to get stuck, and not know what to cover next. When you need creative inspiration, turn to this list and choose a prompt to help you get started on your next thread, blog post, or Twitter space topic.

🕺 Fun/Random Content Ideas

  1. Team member spotlight
  1. Core values (& how you use them to guide your project)
  1. Document the process of planning a new feature/event/product
  1. Q&A about your project
  1. Recent wins
  1. Member Spotlight
  1. The story of how/why your project was founded
  1. A system or routine your team uses
  1. Testimonial from a community member
  1. Re-introduce your project

🗞️ Web3 News Related Content Ideas

  1. Web3 tie-ins at a recent mainstream event (NYFW, World Cup, Holiday Season, etc.)
  1. New celebrity NFT projects
  1. Reading list of podcasts and articles
  1. Spotlight a new & exciting partnership/collaboration.
  1. Highlight an upcoming event/webinar/Twitter space
  1. Analyze why a collection is trending on OpenSea
  1. Interview with an expert on a current trending Web3 topic
  1. How social medias/brands are using NFTs
  1. Pulse check on the market (how projects/cryptocurrencies/etc. are performing)
  1. New metaverse projects

🛠️ Project-Related Content Ideas

  1. Qualities you look for when hiring in Web3
  1. 10 places to find Web3 jobs
  1. Skills to learn to make you a more attractive candidate
  1. Commonly asked questions in community manager/content marketer/software developer
    1. interviews
  1. Where to get freelance work
  1. Example Web3 cover letter/resume
  1. 10 mistakes people make in the Web3 job search process
  1. Ways to expand your network
  1. Post your career progression (from your first job as a high school kid to your current Web3 job)
  1. Post a job you need a freelancer for

💼 Job/Career-Related Content Ideas

  1. Blogs that will inspire you
  1. What is a brain dump/how your team uses them
  1. How to start a newsletter
  1. Any other way your team brainstorms
  1. How to find blogs to guest post for
  1. How to start a Medium blog
  1. How to use AI to generate written content (copy.ai, tweethunter, etc)
  1. Best books on writing well
  1. Web3 term dictionary
  1. How to structure a thread

🖊️ Writing Related Content Ideas

  1. Where to find keywords/SEO to include in your content
  1. Web3 marketing resources
  1. Killer resources you can access with free trials
  1. People to follow on Twitter in your niche
  1. Favorite book list (related to your niche/Web3/personal development/etc.)
  1. Resources to create visuals for your project
  1. Free tools you use
  1. Thread ideas
  1. Commonly asked questions about your niche
  1. Explaining a technical term in Web3/your topic

📖 Resource Related Content Ideas

  1. Give your followers a challenge on social media (i.e. “stuck on social media: try this: your message with 3 of your followers saying you appreciate them and give their page a compliment”)
  1. Host a Twitter Space with another project in your niche
  1. Post on a social media you are less active on (i.e. LinkedIn if you always use
    1. Twitter/Discord)
  1. Tweet about an insightful DM conversation you’ve had about Web3/your niche
  1. Talk about a bigger social media profile/brand and break down what you think makes
    1. their content successful
  1. Talk about your social media strategy for one of the 3 content pillars (entertain, educate,
    1. inspire)
  1. Discuss how to recycle your social media content on multiple platforms, such as Medium, Reddit, Discord, etc.
  1. Share how you find new people to follow on social media
  1. Share a trick you use to improve post performance (emojis, hooks, etc.)
  1. Thank your followers for their support

💬 Social Media-Related Content Ideas

  1. Your/your team member’s morning routine
  1. An inspiring quote
  1. Tips you’ve learned from a celebrity or successful entrepreneur
  1. How you set goals
  1. Ways to stay focused/reduce distractions
  1. How you get in the flow state
  1. Ways to stay positive in Web3
  1. How you get out of a “funk”
  1. Positive people to follow in Web3
  1. Your workspace setup

✨ Inspiration Related Content Ideas

  1. How building in Web3 is different than traditional entrepreneurship (tips/tricks)
  1. How to explain Web3 to investors/your network
  1. Motivating your team
  1. What to do when you hit a roadblock in your startup
  1. Interview your founder
  1. Shoutout someone who has helped you with your startup
  1. How to develop different revenue streams from your company
  1. Secrets to a good pitch deck
  1. How to research competitors
  1. Local or niche specific entrepreneurship events

🤑 Entrepreneurship Related Content Ideas

  1. Tips for successful Web3 Twitter ads
  1. How to make an intriguing Web3 site homepage
  1. How to delight community members in your niche
  1. Trending topics in your niche this week
  1. Offer a free resource to those who engage with your content (i.e. Web3 marketing guide
    1. in exchange for a follow)
  1. Skills to learn to help with Web3 marketing (SEO, click funnels)
  1. 10 Call-to-Actions
  1. Guest post on another account
  1. Analyze a successful marketing campaign from an iconic brand
  1. How to use DMs to market your project

📣 Marketing Related Content Ideas

  1. Fun fact about your founder/team
  1. Document team member bonding (irl or online)
  1. Give away a piece of merch
  1. Share your team pets
  1. This or that poll
  1. Random statistics about your niche
  1. Post about national ___ day (national coffee day, national modern art day, etc.)
  1. Behind the scenes of travel (for work or for fun!)
  1. Talk about a non Web3 hobby
  1. Your craziest predictions about the future of Web3/technology

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