Surveys & Feedback

6. Surveys
To create and send surveys to your group members, follow these steps:
  1. Click 'Send Survey' within the group
  1. Enter survey name, description, and target group
  1. Add questions with different types (multiple choice, single choice, short response, note block)
  1. View and analyze survey results in a digestible format
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7. Airdrop Feature (Work in Progress)
The grow category on the platform includes an airdrop feature, which is still under development. The airdrop feature allows you to distribute NFTs or tokens to selected groups.
To create an airdrop, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to Grow > Airdrop > Create Airdrop
  1. Enter a title for the airdrop and select the NFT or token to distribute
  1. Choose the target group for the airdrop
  1. Create and distribute the airdrop to the selected group
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