The Whitelist feature offers community managers an efficient, user-friendly tool to create, manage, and implement whitelists for your community. The feature is equipped with a range of customizable requirements and security measures, allowing you to personalize your whitelists to match your community's needs. By simplifying the whitelist process, TokenTag allows for a seamless user experience that encourages member participation.

Whitelist Feature Overview

The Whitelist feature provides an intuitive interface where you can create, manage, and share your whitelists directly with your community members. You can make your whitelist publicly available or restrict access with an access code, allowing you to tailor the whitelist process to your community's unique requirements.
You can also specify the necessary requirements for joining a whitelist, such as MetaMask, Discord, and Twitter connections. For added flexibility, you can set a minimum Ethereum balance, ensuring that members on the whitelist have enough Ethereum for minting your project.

How to Create a Whitelist

  1. Navigate to Engage: From your dashboard, select the "Engage" tab.
  1. Select Whitelist: Within the Engage category, click on "Whitelist."
  1. Create Whitelist: Click on "Create Whitelist."
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  1. Enter Whitelist Details: Here, you'll need to enter the following details:
      • Name: Name your whitelist campaign.
      • End Date: Choose the date you want the whitelist to end.
      • Appearance: Add a file for the banner that will appear once members click on "Join Now".
      • Title, Description, Button Label: The title will show up as the whitelist campaign name, the description will detail your campaign, and the button label is what will appear on the "Join Now" button.
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  1. Set Whitelist Requirements: Decide which platforms are mandatory for members to connect to join the whitelist (MetaMask, Discord, and/or Twitter). You can require all, some, or just one of these. For MetaMask, you can also set a minimum Ethereum balance.
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  1. Add Security Measures: For added security, you can make your whitelist private, meaning it will only be available through a private link that you share. Additionally, you can add an access code that only given members can use to join the whitelist.
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