This versatile tool is designed to help you better understand your community's needs and preferences, enabling you to make informed decisions and foster stronger engagement.

With customizable surveys, you can target specific groups within your community and choose from various question types to collect the most relevant information. The user-friendly interface allows you to view and analyze survey results in an easily digestible format, providing valuable data to inform your community management efforts.

How to Create and Send Surveys

  1. Access the Group Page: Navigate to the desired group in the TokenTag platform.
  1. Click 'Send Survey': Within the group, click on the "Send Survey" button.
  1. Enter Survey Details: Fill in the survey name, description, and target group (e.g., power users).
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  1. Add Questions: Select from different question types, including multiple choice, single choice, short response, and note block, to create a tailored survey experience. Note blocks can be used to provide instructions, details, or explanations to participants.
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  1. Publish the Survey: Once you've completed your survey, publish it to the selected group.