Near Term:

Expected completion by May 10th


  • General
    • Customize community on-boarding requirements (make social/wallet connections optional)
    • Minor Cosmetics in Feedback
    • Post from community title - “Community | @vatajjj (or Daniel Vataj if name is present)” instead of defaulting to community name.
    • Quick Switch accounts Toggle (move between admin + user side without logging in/out again)
    • Bug Fixes & Cosmetics
  • Group creation enhancements:
    • Show filter criteria after creating groups
    • Show respective data fields after creating group
    • Custom column toggle with username/identity field in filtered groups
  • Major Data Expansion!
    • On-Chain
      • Holder (Yes/No)
      • Holder Asset Value (Estimated total value for community-specific asset)
      • Total Holder Asset Value (Total NFT Holdings)
      • Chain Specific Balance (ex. Wallet holds .75 MATIC)
      • Total Balance (ex. Wallet holds 1000$ USD across ETH, MATIC, BSC)
      • Asset ID (Edition Number)
      • Average Holding Time
      • Other Holdings (NFTs specified by contract ID)
    • Twitter (Fields can be used aggregate or by specific tweet)*
      • Likes*
      • Replies*
      • Retweets*
      • Follows (Yes/No)
    • Discord
      • In Server (Yes/No)
      • Total Replies
      • Total Reactions
      • Roles

Community Member:

  • General
    • Rotate suggested communities
    • Default Avatars for New Act
    • Bug Fixes & Cosmetics
  • Public Community Page:
    • Adding community leaderboard
      • Rank by engagement across platforms -> group on registration.
      • Showing current week
      • Potentially add ability to check previous weeks
    • Sidebar + Navbar inclusion on public community pages
  • Social Feed
    • Move twitter to feed
    • Filter feed by community
    • Post ID and Page creation for individual posts
    • Reply to comments TT posts ( similar to threads )