Values and Mission

🎯 Mission, Vision, and Values

Own your audience, own your experience
In the fragmented world of Web3, TokenTag gives communities full ownership over their audience with analytics and management tools while providing members with the autonomy to shape their social experience and get rewarded and recognized for their engagement.

😜 Who are we?

TokenTag is your one-stop tool to Engage, Grow, and Reward your community in Web3 - created by former Williams College students and the extraordinary team at Quantix.
Our one-stop service lets you Engage, Reward, and Grow your community.
And we want to invite you to experience this amazing growth with us.
Here's what we achieved in our closed beta.
  • Registered users: + 6.5k
  • Partner Communities: + 25
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🧐 Problems that we solve

What are the problems with Web3?

❌ Communities are fragmented across socials
❌ Members have trouble keeping up with content across platforms
❌ Communities have no insight into who their audience is
❌ Members spend precious time engaging in their communities and don’t get rewarded
❌ Lack of complete data

✅ TokenTag is the one-stop solution