Community Onboarding

Once you've heard back from our team, you will gain access to an admin account for your community. Follow these steps to onboard your community data:
  1. Log in to your admin account on the TokenTag platform.
  1. Connect Twitter:
      • Add your community's Twitter handle in the following format: Example: "@tokentagnft" on Twitter -> enter "tokentagnft" on the site.
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  1. Add Collections:
  • Input your collection's contract address, chain, and photo.
  • Add the collection name and marketplace address.
  • Insert a description for your collection.
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  1. Connect Discord:
  • Authorize and add the TokenTag bot (read-only connection).
  • Select the channels from which you'd like TokenTag to pull messages for your community's feed. We recommend using announcement and event channels.
  • Enable roles and logs:
    • Holder Role: Assign a role to users on the platform who are holders of your tokens. Once they join TokenTag, they will automatically receive this role in your Discord channel.
    • Non-Holder Role: Assign a role to users who join TokenTag but are not holders of your tokens. They will receive this role in your Discord channel.
    • Channel Logging: Select a channel in which to log the roles given to users who join TokenTag.
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Once you've completed the onboarding process, your community will be set up on TokenTag. You will be able to access all the features outlined below. Encourage your community members to sign up on TokenTag to enjoy a streamlined experience and foster greater engagement.