What is TokenTag?

TokenTag is a platform designed to streamline and enhance your online community interactions. By integrating wallet, Twitter, and Discord data, TokenTag empowers community managers to understand, analyze, and grow their Web3 communities. TokenTag also offers one place for members to stay connected with their favorite communities.

How does TokenTag help community managers?

TokenTag provides a suite of analytic and reward tools to help community managers better understand, engage, and reward their members. Features include:
  • Community Dashboard
  • Social Feed
  • Public Community Page
  • Whitelist Creation
  • Member Analysis and Group Creation
  • Surveys
  • Airdrop Feature

How do I join TokenTag and onboard my community?

After receiving access to an admin account, follow these steps to onboard your community data:
  1. Log in to your admin account on the TokenTag platform.
  1. Connect Twitter by adding your community's Twitter handle.
  1. Add your collection's contract address, chain, photo, name, marketplace address, and description.
  1. Connect Discord by authorizing and adding the TokenTag bot, selecting channels, and enabling roles and logs.

How can community members use TokenTag?

TokenTag offers a unified platform for members to stay updated with their favorite communities. By signing up on TokenTag, members can enjoy a streamlined experience and foster greater engagement with their communities.